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  Every trip is about the the experiences that you will have.  


Have you ever sailed north of the Arctic Circle and witnessed the beauty of the Aurora Borealis or stood on the deck of a ship and looked eye to eye with a whale only twenty feet away from you?  Have you ever sipped freshly roasted coffee at a Fair-Trade coffee plantation in Nicaragua or dined on Bibimbap in Korea? Have you made a pilgrimage to Jerusalem or thrown a coin into the Trevi Fountain of Rome to guarantee that you’ll visit again? Have you hiked a glacier in Alaska or toured the Grand Canyon by helicopter? Have you witnessed the beauty of the Great Plains or the majesty of the Rocky Mountains? 


We could go on and on, but the point is this; there is a lot to see and experience in this world. We can help you do just that.  Between the two of us we have traveled to more than 25 countries and in those travels, we have met people that have become lifelong friends. We still have a mile-long bucket list and continue to chip away at it as much as we can.


So, break out your bucket list and give us a call or shoot us an email. The list is long and life is short! Where do you want to go?

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